January 2019


Alumnus chosen as architect for Rowland Project

Kyle_HeadshotKyle Murphy ’07 was chosen by Burr and Burton in November as the architect for the $20 million Rowland Project. Headmaster Mark Tashjian stated, “I am pleased to announce that the Rowland Project Team reached a unanimous decision to select BBA alumnus Kyle Murphy ’07 and his firm Kato Architects as the design architect. He will work in partnership with ZGF Architects, a firm we found to be extraordinary; ZGF will serve as the architect of record. From our first professional introduction to Kyle, we were impressed with his vision, creativity, commitment to this project, deep love and understanding of the BBA community, tremendous talent, and personal humility. Kyle articulated a design process that will involve embedding himself in our community and he demonstrated that this project will be every bit as important to him as it is to us.

ZGF Architects is a firm introduced to us by Kyle. As with Kyle, we were impressed by their design capabilities, and they bring a wide range of experience and expertise. As one of their partners explained, ZGF creates buildings ‘of the place, for the community,’ a philosophy that fits perfectly with our goals for the new building and courtyard space.”

The building design process will launch in earnest in January once the Rowland Project Team, working with faculty and staff, has reached decisions about the purpose and programming for the new building.

Erdman sculpture planned for new building

Miranda, with RichardWe received amazing news this fall from sculptor Richard Erdman ’71 about his plans to donate a sculpture for the new educational building. “It is with great pleasure that I offer the stone sculpture Miranda to Burr and Burton Academy, in the hope that it will bring inquisitive joy to generations of students and educators past, present, and future. My time at Burr and Burton provided some of my earliest encounters with the spirit of creativity, nurturing my curiosity and confidence as an artist and learner. The Manchester/Dorset area was the birthplace of the American marble industry, and my daily life was infused with the majestic stone from a young age. At Burr and Burton, these intellectual and physical environments merged to have an impact beyond measure, allowing my career as a sculptor to take root and flourish.

Hewn from rich black and fossil-laden Petit Granite, Miranda strives to merge the awesome weight of history and geological time with gentle, playful movement. It simultaneously captures the lightness of a ribbon in the wind and the tradition of modernist anthropomorphism — but remains ever open to interpretation. As in education, closer inspection of Miranda is rewarded with exciting discoveries — in this case, preserved fossilized ancient life forms.

I am honored for this work to be integrated into the Rowland Project, as a complement to fellow alumnus Kyle Murphy’s architectural design. Here, Miranda can serve as a lasting tribute to the myriad doors opened to generations of young people by Burr and Burton.”

Christmas Days turns 50

Linda M.The latest holiday issue of Stratton Magazine features alumna Linda Day McKeever ’69 and Christmas Days in Sunderland. The family business which Linda now runs with her husband, Andrew McKeever, along with co-worker of 20 years, Ellen Hains, has reached the very impressive milestone of 50 years in 2019. Christmas Days was started by Linda’s parents, Vi and Bill Day, back in 1969 in two rooms at the Enchanted Doll House in Manchester Center. Her parents expanded and moved the business to its current location in Sunderland on Route 7A. Forty-three Christmas trees and thousands of ornaments, lights, and decorations of every kind adorn the shop, which is open year-round. Linda also marks another milestone in 2019 with her 50th Burr and Burton Reunion this fall. Congratulations!

Making it in Vermont

Alumns View 1Four alumni were featured in the Winter VIEW in December for making it in the Green Mountain State through a combination of resourcefulness, innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work. Marisa Mauro ’03, owner of Ploughgate Creamery at Bragg Farm in Fayston; Paul Carroccio ’96, owner of TPW in Manchester Center; Kyle Bushee ’06, a veterinarian at Aeolus Animal Hospital & Equine Center in Manchester; and Juliette Gates Britton ’89, who with her husband, Tim Britton, resurrected and runs J.J. Hapgood Store in Peru. If you didn’t receive The VIEW in December, contact the Alumni Office for a complimentary copy.

Jon Wilson ’01 joins Alumni Association

nonameIn an unanimous vote this fall, the Alumni Association Board welcomes Jon Wilson ’01 as its newest member. Jon is a Burr and Burton graduate who returned as a teacher six years ago. Jon grew up in Manchester, attended Manchester Elementary Middle School K-8, and followed in his two older brothers’ footsteps by attending Burr and Burton. After graduating in 2001, he went to Colorado College where he majored in Political Science and minored in Journalism. Immediately after college, Jon was married to his college sweetheart, Amy, and moved back east where Jon worked for a politician in Boston for nearly two years. A cancer diagnosis soon taught Jon that life is short and there was no time like the present to pursue his dream career as a teacher so he resigned from his position and Jon and Amy moved back to Vermont to start a family and careers in public service. Since moving back to Vermont, Jon has run a nonprofit, chaired a local school board, and is currently spending a lot of time raising his two daughters who attend MEMS. Jon is a Social Studies teacher at BBA who specializes in teaching economics and entrepreneurship. Jon joins Alumni Association Board members Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81 (president), Judi LaMontagne McPhail ’65 (secretary), Juliette Gates Britton ’89, Stephen Drunsic ’93, Meredith Ams Fleurie ’05, Astri Eckhoff Kilburn ’67, Liz Hand Mackey ’05, Carol Roberts ’77, and Elizabeth Silsby ’09.

Bulldogs Connect – Burlington

DSC_0556Alumni, spouses, and friends packed the Library Room at Ri Ra’s Irish Pub in November for Burr and Burton’s annual alumni event in Burlington. Thanks to Boris Funtow ’71 and Whitney Heingartner ’05 for co-hosting and to all who joined us! In alphabetical order: Anthony Alichwer ’03, Greg ’76 and Cindy Carrano, Stephen “Spike” Clayton ’76, Thomas Clayton, Don Edson ’73, Richard Erdman ’71, Boris Funtow ’71, Fred ’59 and Meg Hadley, Kylee Heingartner ’08, Whitney Heingartner ’05, Dan Hutner ’02, Roy Johnson ’69, Sarah Johnson ’07, Katherine Kjelleren, Drew ’05 and Gillian ’05 MacKinnon, Tina Madkour-Companion ’77, Charlotte Palmer ’12, Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81, Kristen Palmer ’09, Lucy Prouty ’09, Carol Roberts ’77, Matt Rosenthal ’10, John ’92 and Michelle Rovnak, Carolyn Rovnak Weber ’85 and Patrick Weber, Robert “Ski” ’82 and Amanda Wilczynski, and Gordie ’59 and Dorothy Wilkins. Not pictured: Barbara Kehaya ’39, Barbara and Jerry Allen, and Tasha Cornell Lansbury ’84

Alumna donates holiday card art

Belltower Christmas 2018The Seminary building graced the cover of Burr and Burton’s holiday card again this year thanks to the artistry of Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81. This is the second year in a row Gloria has donated an original work to the school for the holiday card. Gloria is the executive director of Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning (GMALL) located in Dorset, Vermont (visit greenmtnacademy.org for upcoming programs). Gloria’s daughters Kristen Palmer ’09 and Charlotte Palmer ’12 also graduated from Burr and Burton. Our thanks to Gloria for providing such lovely artwork for the card

Oil essentials

Sharon Licalzi '86 copyTammy Keyes ’86 shared about Sharon Masiello Licalzi ’86, who lives in Tampa with her husband, five children (one is a United States Navy veteran), and a granddaughter. Sharon works in financial services; however her passion is in essential oils after a friend recommended using aromatherapy to quit smoking. Sharon is an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and shares her smoke-free success teaching classes on essential oils and spreading awareness of reducing toxin exposure in everyday household items by switching to chemical-free products made with oils. “Discovering the world of essential oils was a huge awakening,” Sharon says. It is now her goal to help others live a toxin-free lifestyle and the benefits of a membership with Young Living, mentoring them as they learn about switching to all-natural products. To learn more about Sharon, Young Living Essential Oils, and helpful tips, visit her website myyl.com/SharonLicalzi.

Painting donated

IMG_1244 copyOur thanks to Lorraine Perry Harrington ’53 for donating her original “Seminary by Moonlight” painting to Burr and Burton this past fall. Her painting was on loan and hung on the wall by the headmaster’s office for the past few years. When Lorraine attended her 65th Reunion in October, she saw the painting and decided to make the loan a permanent gift to the school. Lorraine currently resides in Florida. Thank you!

Reunion Weekend 18

Rainbow BBAAlumni are well aware that mid-October in Vermont can bring a variety of weather from crisp, sunny days to Nor’easters, and, in rare cases, snow. This year was a breezy mix of cold, rain, and intermittent sun capped with two rainbows at the end of the football game on Saturday. The less-than-stellar weather didn’t dampen the spirits of hundreds of alumni and families who returned to Manchester for Reunion.

'68 Class Gift check passing, View or News from HillHeadmaster Mark Tashjian received the 50th Reunion class of ’68 gift from Class Liaisons Dulce Bongartz Bird ’68 and Donna Tuttle Wald ’68 during the Alumni Dinner at the Equinox Hotel on Reunion Weekend. Thanks to the fifteen members of the 50th class of ’68 for their outright and legacy gifts: Dulce Bongartz Bird, Pauline Towslee Davison, Mildred Clough Dunn, Edward Ferenc, John R. Finlay, William Fritts, Jr., Frank Harrigan, Donald Hazelton, Patricia Gilbert Hughes, Ron LaMontagne, Margaret Skinner, Ronald C. Smith, Christopher Swezey IV, Donna Tuttle Wald, and Susan Wyman. After the check-passing photo above, we received another contribution from a member of ’68 bringing the total Class Gift to $17,850. Thank you to all who generously supported Burr and Burton with class gifts this year!

Our thanks to all who joined us on October 12 – 14, 2018. And to those alumni, faculty, staff, and students who pitched in despite the weather to run tents, greet alumni, set up events, and a hundred other tasks. Thank you * Derek Andersen at the Dene Farm, * Andy Dahlstrom, Harriet Dahlstrom ’20, and Ciaran Van Ommen Kloeke ’21 at the Mountain Campus, * photographer Gary Baker ’72, * Trustee and Chair of the Board Seth Bongartz ’72, * football game announcer Jamie Briggs, * Juliette Gates Britton ’89 and JJ Hapgood Store, * sponsors Paul ’96 and Chrissy Carroccio and their business TPW, * Class Liaisons Dulce Bongartz Bird ’68, John Scieszka ’93, Deb Holton-Smith ’73, Sally Baldwin Utiger ’48, Donna Tuttle Wald ’68, Stan Wilbur ’58, and Nicole Chabot Winchip ’83 for going the extra mile * Lucy Gobbi Costa ’81 and her company Promotional Incentives, * sponsors Stephen ’93 and Christian Goff Drunsic, * sponsors Meredith Ams Fleruie ’05, Jon Ams ’02, Chip Ams and their business Finn & Stone Insurance, * Hall of Fame Committees led by Kathi Frost Bierwirth ’81 (Athletics), Wendy Newhouse Gawlik ’77 (Alumni Recognition), and Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81 (Alumni Arts) – see the July 2018 News from the Hill for a listing of all Committee members, * Equinox Valley Football Club Cheerleaders, * sponsor and volunteer Judi LaMontagne McPhail ’65, * sponsor Ron LaMontagne ’68, and Judi and Ron’s company LaMontagne Real Estate LLC, * Amy Walter Chamberlain ’85 and the crew at The Perfect Wife, * Ryan Frank ’19, Cece Kersten ’19, and Gavriel Levis ’22 for their work on the Hall of Fame Ceremony, * volunteer Tammy Keyes ’86, * sponsor and volunteer Astri Kilburn ’67 and Mike Kilburn ’67 and Dee’s Electric, * volunteer Liz Hand Mackey ’05, * Athletic Director Dave Miceli, * faculty Kevin Morrison, * Melissa Michaud in the School and College Counseling Office, * MC of both the Hall of Fame and Alumni Dinner again this year Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81, * Student Ambassadors who led tours and sold raffle tickets Finuala Cree ’21, Carson Cutler ’21, Avery Gilgallon ’19, Sophie Jager ’21, Ciaran Van Ommen Kloeke ’21, Sage Lalor ’19, Aisha Navarrete ’19, Olivia Saunders ’19, Olivia Watanabe ’19, Sean Young ’19, Zane Zupan ’20, * theater master Jim Raposa, * volunteer Carol Roberts ’77, * volunteer Elizabeth Silsby ’09, * Nate Williams ’18, * everyone from the Class of ’68 who contributed to their 50th Class Gift (see photo and write-up above), * a special shout-out to the Class of ’93 for their support, * all other alumni who contributed to their Class Gift, * our amazing Maintenance Department, * our ever-enthusiastic Headmaster Mark Tashjian, * and our high-energy Advancement Office Nancy Brown, Pauline de Laszlo, Cindy Gubb, Margot Page, and Oscar Trugler.

Feedback from Reunion Weekend ’18 or suggestions for next year? Contact the Alumni Office: Rich at 802-549-8135, rthompson@burrburton.org or Pauline at 802-549-8277, pdelaszlo@burrburton.org.

Save the date – Reunion ’19!

Reunion Weekend ’19 is Friday, September 20 – Sunday, September 22, 2019. A save-the-date postcard will be mailed in January to all alumni* from the class of ’74 and older, and classes ending in 4 and 9. Or visit burrburton.org/alumni for additional information, lodging, and updates. Alumni and families from all classes are welcome.
* For whom we have current mailing addresses.

A big thank you to our Reunion Sponsors!

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Second National soccer championship

IMG_0916Georgia Lord ’18* (lying down right of trophy), a sophomore at Williams College, recently won her second (back-to-back) NCAA Division III Women’s Soccer National Championship with the Ephs. Georgia is a versatile starter who played outside and center midfielder, and also at the forward position. Georgia plans to double major in psychology and economics. While at Burr and Burton, her team won the Vermont Division I Girls’ Soccer Championship in 2016. * She graduated from Burr and Burton in her junior year.

Before the Show a Titanic success

before the showIt was a small but enthusiastic group who attended the Before the Show Reception this fall, followed by complimentary tickets to Titanic: Tragedy and Trial. Photo from left to right: Barbara Powers, Barbara Price, Christine Bongartz, Cyndi MacDonald ’78, Charlotte Palmer ’12 (front), Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81, Seth Bongartz ’72, Carol Bresko O’Connor ’67, Mike Powers ’60, Sarah Russell Stefanak ’87, and Jon Wilson ’01. All Class Liaisons were invited along with a number of local alumni. Contact the Alumni Office if you would like to be added to the invitation list for the Before the Show Reception and spring musical, The All Night Strut, in May.

You didn’t miss it!

proxy.duckduckgo.comIf a gift to your alma mater was forgotten in the holiday rush, here’s good news to start the new year. Burr and Burton’s fiscal year doesn’t end until June 30 so there’s still time to make a gift to the Annual Fund, Target Program, Student Success Program, E.H. Henry Fund, James Dooley ’60 Fund, or other endowed fund. Whatever gift level you choose, your support makes a meaningful difference in a long tradition of dedicated and caring teachers, and a range of educational opportunities. Make a tax-deductible gift today or online anytime at burrburton.org/onlinegiving. Thank you! And thanks to Gloria Rovnak Palmer ’81, Astri Eckhoff Kilburn ’67, Juliette Gates Britton ’89, and Judi LaMontagne McPhail ’65 for being part of the Alumni Appeal Party in November.

Remembering our alumni

We lost two close members of our alumni community this fall. We are saddened by the passing of Halley Grabarz Monforte ’02 after a long battle with cancer in late September. Halley received her Bachelor’s degree from Castleton University. She was a teacher at Take Five Daycare in Manchester. Halley loved hockey, as both a player and coach. She loved the theater, the seashore, and most of all, time spent with her family and three children. At Burr and Burton, Halley played soccer, field hockey, softball, hockey, and was also active in the theater all four years. Halley is the daughter of Gary and Mary Grabarz, and married to Zach Monforte. Both Mary and Zach work at Burr and Burton. A celebration of Halley’s life was held at Burr and Burton on September 28, 2018.

Burr and Burton lost an alumnus and popular new science teacher with the passing of Ian Pollock ’04 in early November. Ian was known for his infectious enthusiasm, sense of humor, passion for teaching, and his Block Island Fishing Academy where he taught thousands of inner-city children over many summers about fishing, nature, and the ocean. He was part of two state championship teams at Burr and Burton, soccer and ice hockey, and also played lacrosse. He graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and early childhood education. Ian’s mother Lani Lovisa also works at Burr and Burton. Ian was remembered at a celebration of life at Burr and Burton on November 18, 2018.

Alumni from October blast mark 60th

Class of '59This ’59 photo, compliments of Lyman Orton ’59 and the Manchester Historical Society, was posted without names in the October News from the Hill. A Burr and Burton ballcap for naming where the photo was taken at the school (we’ll pick a winner from the correct answers – contact information below). The class of ’59 celebrates its 60th Reunion this year.

Back row (left to right) Dick Hulett, Albert Mattison, Fred “Shorty” Stone, Bob Vassar, Chris Johnson, Ulrich Wenicker, Gordon Wilkins, and Alan Wood.

Third row (left to right) Chris Bryant, Pete Graves, Bill Bischoff, Fred Hadley, Neil Corliss, Porter Hulett, Ev Elliott, Nelson Smith, Lyman Orton, Karl Wieneke, and Dick Brownell.

Second row (left to right) Joanne Markey, Johnny Nichols, Walter Lightfoot, Harry Kristiansen, Vinnie Higuera, John Kapusta, Ray Senecal, Jerry Hill, John Stewart, Charlie Bentley, Carole Hill, and Maureen Mattison.

Front row (left to right) Mr. John Fay, Mary Waters, Donna Crosby, Marilyn Bacon, Cathy Bovey, Patti Mattison, Jennifer Marsden, Janet McCory, Betty Balch, Liz Bovey, Martha Tobin, and Mr. Roy Barstow.

In Memoriam

Robert P. Fowler ’43, September 17, 2018
Halley Grabarz Monforte ’02, September 24, 2018
Dale L. Norse ’72, December 1, 2018
Ian L. Pollock ’04, November 4, 2018
Donald S. Taylor ’43, July 23, 2017

Stay connected

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Please share your news and highlights by email or annotated photograph. Forward to Rich Thompson-Tucker in the Alumni Office at rthompson@burrburton.org or call to discuss your news at 802-549-8135. To update your contact information, visit HERE.

Help spread the word about the quarterly Alumni News from the Hill and share this and future issues with your fellow alumni. Many thanks to photographer Gary Baker ’72 for a number of the photos seen here, on our website, in newsletters and other Burr and Burton publications.

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